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12 Gauge Shotgun Boresnake Part # 24035


Product Description

A Bore Snake is a tool that gun owner’s can use to quickly remove dirt, grime and carbon build-up from the inside of their gun barrels. The Bore Snake consists of four sections, a long slender cord used to pull the snake through the barrel, a small floss area followed by a bronze brush that removes particles from the barrel and finally a long, thick floss area that removes any particles left by the brushes. Because the Bore Snake can wrap up to fit into your pocket, it is the perfect tool for cleaning your gun barrel while you are away from home.

1 Place the weapon’s safety switch in the “On” position. Open the chamber and remove any live rounds in the chamber or the barrel of the gun.
2 Ensure that the caliber engraved on the brass weight of the bore snake is equal to the caliber of your weapon. If the bore snake is too big it will not fit through, and if it is too small it will not properly clean the barrel.
3 Drop the brass weight on the end of the bore snake into the breech on the back you your barrel. Hold the gun so that the end of the barrel is pointing at the ground. Feed the cord through until the weight pops out of the end of the barrel.
4 Turn the gun horizontally and grab the brass weight that fell through the barrel. Hold the gun with one hand while you pull on the weight with the other. Continue to pull until the bore snake goes completely though the barrel and comes out of the end. It should be a tight fit, so don’t worry if it feels stuck, just pull harder on the cord to feed the bore snake through the barrel.

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