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Orion Systems BB Gun Practice Targets (12 Bull) (250 pack) Part # TAR0017


Product Description

Orion Systems BB Gun Practice Targets (12 Bull) (250 pack)

Orion's BB Gun Practice Target provides a cost effective training solution for BB Gun teams. It is 28% less expensive than Orion's BB Gun Competition target, yet has the same look and feel as the competition target, uses the same high quality target paper, and most importantly Orion will score it with the same accuracy and precisions teams have come to expect.

The difference between the BB Gun practice and competition target, and the reason for the lower price, is simple, the practice target is printed on a smaller 8.5 * 11 inch sheet of paper. As a result athletes will notice that the aiming bulls are slightly closer together, but by only a small amount. The scoring rings are only printed out to the 4 ring, but this is only to avoid overlapping rings. Regardless, Orion will still score any shot that hits the target.

Orion 12 Bull BB Gun Targets are a part of the Orion Scoring System for automated electronic scoring. Orion BB Gun targets are specially designed to be scanned using a commodity scanner and scored using the Orion software. Most computers can score an Orion BB Gun target in 3~8 seconds. An Orion for Clubs or Orion at Home license is required to score this target.

The Orion Scoring System is approved for and has already been used in sanctioned events governed by the National Rifle Association. Orion was used for the first time at the Daisy National BB Gun Championships in 2014.

250 targets per pack
Pack Weight: 6.75 lbs.

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