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VFG .22 Cal. Felt Rifle Cleaners (80 pk) Part # V519

VFG .22 CAL. FELT RIFLE CLEANERS (80 pk) (66813) V519
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Product Description

VFG .22 Cal. Felt Rifle Cleaners (80 pk)

Recommended for use with a Cleaning Rod (sold separately) for cleaning of light soiling and/or oiling and degreasing of the rifle bore. The VFG felt cleaning elements are supplied with a center hole for easy fitting on the cleaning rod adapter #22VFG (sold separately).

Screw the adaptor, fitted with two felt cleaners, onto the cleaning rod. Now push the cleaning rod through the barrel from the breech end. The felt will be squeezed and press itself into the grooves of the rifling. The front felt plug will scrape coarse dirt particles from the wall of the bore with its front edge and push them ahead of itself, smaller particles will be trapped in its porous surface.

But why are there two felts on the adapter? When you have pushed the cleaning rod, with both felts, right through the barrel and out the muzzle, the dirt that has accumulated ahead of the front felt falls out. Now draw the adapter back into the muzzle. In the process, the dirty front felt will automatically be lifted off the smooth spike and drops off.

This avoids redistributing the dirt in the bore - it really is removed! The second felt cleaner sits fast on the coarse thread, can be pulled back into the barrel and polishes the bore.

Oiling the bore is just as easy: You screw a felt rifle cleaner onto the thread and soak it in a high-quality gun oil. With the help of the cleaning rod, push it a few times back and forth through the barrel and a thin film of oil provides a protective covering of the bore. Felt Rifle Cleaners are also suitable for degreasing. The dry felt simply sucks up the oil film in the bore.

Directions for use:
The Dewey cleaning rod VFG adapter #22VFG is designed to accommodate two .22 Cal. VFG felt cleaning elements. At the extreme end it has a smooth spike followed by a wood-screw thread. The first felt cleaner is screwed onto the thread and thus held fast on the adapter. By working the cleaning rod to and fro, this can be used to polish, oil, degrease etc. the bore.

At the end of the thread is a sloping shoulder. If the felt cleaner is screwed up onto this shoulder, its diameter will be somewhat further increased so that it fits more tightly in the bore. The increased pressure on the wall of the bore may, indeed, lead to more force being required to run the cleaner through the barrel, however, it also leads to a greater cleaning effect.

The second felt cleaner should only be pushed onto the metric thread so that in soiled condition it is pulled off at the muzzle when the cleaning rod is drawn back into the barrel.

Product Features:
VFG high-quality woolen felt barrel cleaners are manufactured from natural sheep’s wool with cellulose wool and in diameters to match every caliber. This is carried out exclusively by felting and fulling the individual fibers, and thus without the addition of a binder of any kind.
• It is a purely natural product and contains no chemicals whatever.
• It is stable in shape yet flexible and can be precision stamped in a modern process. When it is stamped, the cut surface presents brush-like properties due to the innumerable fiber ends, which, when the correct pressure is applied, have an optimum cleaning effect.
• It is very absorbent and can trap large and small particles of dirt in its tangled fiber structure and so clean them out of the bore. The outstanding absorbency enables it to take up and store liquids (e.g. oil, solvents, polishing paste).
• It is a textile product and therefore harmless and exceptionally gentle.
• It can bring metal surfaces to a high polish.

Suitable Calibers:
.22 LR, .22 lfb, .22 kurz, .22 WMR, .22 Hornet, .222 Rem., .224, 5.6

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