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Whidden Aluminum Forend Track Plate Part # W29P


Product Description

Whidden Aluminum Forend Track Plate

Any rifle with a forend rail and a rounded stock needs the track plate for a quick conversion to a flat forend. This removable accessory provides a stable front resting point for shooting from sandbags or a rest.

The Track Plate is light weight, has an easily installed stand-off rail insert, catamaran-style runners to prevent rocking, and can be easily stowed in your range bag. It is a hassle-free way to test a prone rifle for accuracy, to zero its scope or sights, and to remove any sling-induced variables when trying to improve a rifle's inherent accuracy.

The Plate is great for any rifle with a rail - wheter it's smallbore, centerfire, or an air gun. You can try F-Class with your favorite prone rifle. The plate has a perfect low-drag finish for riding a rest or sandbags and is competition legal in all dimensions. The Track Plate will fit Anschutz and American style forends and is made in the USA of machined aluminum.

2.9" Wide; 5.0" Long.

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