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FWB P 8X Walnut Air Pistol .177 (Medium - Left) Part # 34401

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Product Description

Feinwerkbau P 8X Walnut Air Pistol .177 (Medium - LEFT Handed Grip)

Note: Pictures are of right handed version but this version will be left handed.

The revolution in the range of match air-pistols made by Feinwerkbau in Germany. Innovative features interacting with highest-quality materials together with a breath-taking design set new standards in compressed air pistols!

• Anatomical designed 3D-Grip made of nutwood (pivoted by 20°, twistable by 9°) with adjustable hand rest.
• Vario trigger-shoe made of steel, adjustable three dimensionally and up to 4mm adjustable in height.
• Adjustment of rear sight via coarse and vernier adjustment
• Equipped with a block front sight 4,2 mm as standard
• Sight line continuously adjustable in length (rear sight and front sight) [re-adjustment of the rear sight not necessary when shifting the sight line!]
Included with Delivery: Two silver compressed air cylinders, 200 DIN BAR filling adaptor air release tool, various adjustment tools, 4 additional movable weights that are placed on the barrel (15g each for adaption of the balance point). Delivered in custom combination lockable hard plastic pistol case with pluckable foam insert and small plastic accessory box.

Total Length: 415 mm
Total Height: 145 mm
Sight Line Length: 330 to 400mm (infinitely variable)
Sight Height from Barrel Center: 14.5 mm approx.
Barrel Length: 218 mm
Barrel Diameter: 12 mm
Caliber: 4.5mm / .177
Total Weight: 0.95 kg / 2.094 lbs. approx.
Grip: Walnut Size Medium - Left Handed
Grip Adjustment: 20° to swivel ± 4.5° to twist 5mm adj. in height 8mm adj in length
Propellent Charge System: 200 DIN BAR Compressed Air
Trigger Weight: 500 g
Trigger Adjustment approx: 28 mm longitudinal 4 mm altitudinal
Loading Style: Single Load
Shooting Velocity: 145 to 155 m/sec
Rear Sight Notch Adjust: width 2 to 8.5mm height 1.8 to 3.5mm
Quantity of Shots per Full Cylinder Charge: approx. 160 shots at 200 BAR pressure

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