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Anschutz Stenvaag Pro Model 135 Boots Part # A13537

ANS STENVAAG PRO MOD 135 BOOTS(EUR 37;approx US MENs 4) A13537

Product Description

ahg Anschutz Shooting Boots Designed by STENVAAG

Model:135 STENVAAG Strong
Size: EURO 37. Converts to approx UK men's size 4; US men's 4; US ladies' size 6.

Features: 1) Well padded tongues made of perforated material avoid pressure and guarantee perfect air circulation.
2) Perforation holes in the outer shaft and breathable padding foams allow air circulation at the foot.
3) The toe cap is made of soft and elastic rubber with a strong grip in order to fix the position of the boot in the kneeling position.
4) Velcro closure for exact adjustment of the boot.
5) A new system offers a pressure-free fixation of the foot without causing blood build-ups. The two-piece non-flexible nylon sling fits the foot perfectly, the padding excludes all pressure. This system is connected with the shaft. Due to the clamping hook, the boots can be tied up on two levels. The deeper hook, which is connected to the Digafix-system, also improves the sitting position of the heels.
6) The heel cap is made of extremely stiff thermoplastic material just as the toe-cap.
7) New in this material is the improved position of the white sole. This material is very stable in shape and is very durable. This is especially important in the kneeling position.
8) Black rubber sole with anti-skid special profile for a solid stand.
9) Conforms to the latest ISSF rules starting 1/1/2013.


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