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Steyr EVO 10-E Elec. Trigger Air Pistol (Med-Right) Part # EVO10EM


Product Description

Steyr EVO 10-E Electronic Trigger Air Pistol (Med-Right)

• Accuracy: First stage travel – point of release – hit: minimal movement during the shot release
• The shooting hand is not disturbed when the shot breaks
• Contact made out of gold instead of microswitch, no movement at the trigger take up
• Infinitely adjustable STEYR electronic precision ball bearing trigger with the possibility to move the trigger backwards for shooters with small hands
• Capacity of at least 10.000 shots with a full akku, 300 shots possible after light up of the lamp
• Rotable rear sight and front sight and better adjustment of the rear sight depth
• Proven and patented STEYR stabilizer made out of tungsten alloy
• Dry fire training operates without cocking

Includes: hard plastic pistol case with custom foam cutout for air pistol & accessories, one compressed air cylinder, 200 BAR filling adaptor, 4 moveable barrel weights, tools, & manual with factory test target.

• action type: Single-shot pistol for pellets
• propellant: Compressed air
• caliber: 4,5 mm (.177)
• length / height / width: 400 / 148 / 50 mm
• weight: 968 g
• length of sight: 316 - 365 mm
• front sight: moveable, rotable blade 4,5 mm
• rear sight: rear sight 2 - 6 mm variable, depth 1 - 3 mm, rotable
• trigger pull: 500 g
• trigger settings: first stage length & weight, second stage weight
• trigger blade adjustable: Trigger blade adjustable in height and length, axially and radially

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