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Eley Force Semi-Auto High Velocity .22 LR Ammunition Part # AE02400


Product Description

Must be a United States Citizen and 21 years of age or older to purchase this product! Other local and state laws may apply, check your local laws before ordering.

Important Notice: Due to local ammunition restrictions, all ammunition orders to the following states (CA, CT, DC, IL, MA, NJ and NY) must phone in orders to 800-345-7179. We do not ship ammunition to AK or HI. Due to shipping restrictions, we only send ammunition by UPS ground shipping only.

WARNING - Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

50 rounds per box. Price breaks are available for a brick (10 boxes) and a case (100 Boxes). Add the minimum amount to your cart to reach the price break (ex:100 or more boxes for case price). Go to your cart by clicking the cart button at the top of the screen to view the special case pricing in your cart.

ELEY force is a high-velocity, semi-automatic .22LR round designed for power. Featuring a new propellant utilising a distributed pressure curve that accelerates the bullet to a supersonic velocity, providing maximum knock-down force.

ELEY force is instantly recognisable with its unique black oxidised case finish which increases friction between the case and projectile. This regulates and controls the force required to release the bullet, stabilising the projectile and increasing ballistic consistency and accuracy. ELEY force is a .22LR round that deliveries both strong kickback and accuracy.

Both ELEY force and ELEY contact are engineered with a heavier 42 grain bullet for high energy and are coated in a specially formulated paraffin wax to minimise build-up in actions and magazines.

Bullet profile: Round nose
Cartridge length: 25.4mm / 1inch
Bullet weight: 2.7grams / 42grains
Lubricant: Paraffin wax

Muzzle: 366m/s (1200ft/s)
50m (55yds): 333m/s (1091ft/s)
91m (100yds): 311m/s (1019ft/s)

Muzzle: 18 (Kg.m) / 133 (
50m / 55yds: 15 (Kg.m) / 110 (
91m / 100yds: 13 (Kg.m) / 96 (

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