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Sauer Foam Pistol Rest Part # S515


Product Description

Sauer Foam Pistol Rest

What to do with the pistol between shots? Until now, each pistol shooter has had to find his or her own solution to this problem. And the situation is further exacerbated by the fact that surface heights vary from booth to booth, which is hardly conducive to an automatic sequence of movements on the part of the shooter.

Sauer has not only identified this problem area but also developed an effective solution to combat it: a pistol rest (DBGM). As with all really good solutions, this one is simplicity itself. A suitably shaped block of hard foam with a cotton cover acts as a rest for the pistol and also as a hand rest for the shooter.

The pistol shooter can use additional height adjustment modules made from the same materials to adjust the height of the rest to his or her own height or to adapt the height of the rest to the surface top at the shooting booth.

Used correctly, the Sauer Pistol Rest helps the shooter to relax in between shots and to optimize the sequence of movements demanded by the sport.

One Additional Height Module Included (Like Pictured)
Material: 100% Cotton, Filling hard foam.

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